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My art is inspired by the tension between the outer and inner landscape: how are nature and the world around us affecting our well-being, our emotions, our soul, and how do we express this tension through the visual medium. For me this is a complex relationship, best endeavored to be expressed through multiple layers, different textural elements, transparent paint layers, stencils, collages, and always inspired by intuitive guidance. I often ask myself: “What does my painting want to see happen now?” When I’m stuck, I trust that there is no need for a plan, but just the need for trusting that I will be guided by the painting to find the way forward. I’m often surprised by the story that develops in the course of the many painting layers. At the best of times, the painting will take me on a journey of surprise and delight.



“ I love the surprises and emotional depth in all of your pieces! So...relatable on many levels, I can feel your quiet meditative state where layers of images come forth.  Art needs to hold my interest and capture some type of curiosity, you have created that with soft mysterious overtones.”

Diane Davis, Interior Designer

"A very accomplished teacher. Supportive and imaginative. Very knowledgeable and caring."

Robbie Kilpatrick

Artist Bio

Creating art has always been part of my adult life, whether it’s directing theater plays, creating with textiles, or increasingly, painting.

I started painting with charcoals, soft pastels and oil pastels over 30 years ago, taking informal classes. When I moved from Europe to Santa Cruz in the nineties, I had the opportunity to participate in Open Studio. I sold 16 paintings, most of which were nature related, based on my excitement over living in California.

I continued my painting practice intermittently over the years while running a life science business development company, and experimented with other painting media: crayons, oil paint and oil sticks, pan pastels, graphite, collages, until I finally happily settled with acrylics.

The last few years have been rich in exploring this medium, aided by online and in person workshops.

My current paintings often tell a story - a story that develops over many layers, from a highly textured monochromatic background, over loosely painted landscapes, animals or figures, then tinted varnish layers, collages, gold leaf, stencils, transparent additional paintings etc. Often my paintings are based on the environment around us, or an environment that speaks to me. I enjoy exploring similar topics repeatedly and creating a series of loosely related paintings. In the end, the paintings become more imaginary and ethereal, moving from the outer landscape to the inner landscape.

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