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Painting abstracts is full of contradictions: you are caught between those who think that any child could paint them, and those who have a plethora of rules to consider before you even pick up a brush.

That is why I have created this course: to guide you kindly through my way of creating abstracts that are infused by nature.

This course includes video teaching & demonstrations; the presence of two horses to open us up for a different perspective; an extensive handbook with list of materials, painting instructions, reflections, and deepening reading suggestions.

I invite you to deepen your experience of painting nature infused abstracts by

  • opening to any underlying feelings that might come up;

  • exploring nature with new eyes;

  • inviting animal energy into your art;

  • developing art techniques to feel more confident in your own particular way of creating;

  • transferring these techniques into your daily life.

In the end, this course is not just about painting techniques. It is also about inviting you to explore your own way of being a creative soul in this world.​


A race through the painting process...what to expect... 50 second highlight...

You can follow this online, self- paced experience whenever is a good time for you, at whatever pace suits you. It includes:

  • 12 videos (a total time of 225 minutes) to help you discover how to paint nature infused abstracts; the videos are mostly shot in nature, with a clear step by step outline.

  • Bonus material of two videos to expand your experience, and to show you how to handle issues that might come up.

  • A lesson by lesson handbook with painting instructions, list of materials, reflections about topics that help you see your painting with a wider perspective (like equine experiential learning, tracking, soft eyes etc.); inquiries; coaching & mentoring through emotional challenges you might encounter; a helpful “Breathe & Notice” exercise to practice repeatedly when you’re stuck or just need a new perspective.

Course registration is $125

30 minute FaceTime/ Skype/ Phone coaching available for an additional fee of $70.



Peek into the intro lesson



Who would have thought that these various strands of my life would come together so beautifully in the creation of “Nature Infused Abstracts”.

Artist. Starting out with a long time interest in the theory and practice of theatre (a doctorate in theatre studies) and then painting for the last 30 years with a wide range of media until settling happily with acrylics and mixed media elements.

Horsewoman. Entrepreneur. Discovering horses saved me from burn out as an entrepreneur (running a life science business development company), and nurtured an interest in coaching with horses as well as training as a life coach.

Teacher. The circle closes: teaching as my first profession (from teacher training to teaching at the University of Edinburgh, and one of the Cambridge University Colleges), and now excitement over developing this video format course that happily weaves together all the strands.

Course Registration is $125

30 minute FaceTime/ Skype/ Phone coaching available for an additional fee of $70.

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